67 St. Quivox Road
Prestwick, Ayrshire
Scotland KA9-IJF

December 1982

Dear Miss [Marisa] Johnson:

Thanking you for your letter, I must apologize for the very late answer. And I do hope this letter gets to you before leaving the University.
I think that in order to find out anything about the early Olsen (Olson), you really need to travel all the way north to Tromsø. Ole Olson, who married my aunt Oleanna (my father’s youngest sister) came from Målsnes in Lenvik District just south of Tromsø.
Målsnes is a small community on the shores of Rosfjord. Oleanna came from a similar small place called Sandnes across the fjord from Målsnes.

Målselv is the name of the place at the inner end of the fjord and is also the name of the river that runs into the Rosfjord (“elv” means “river”).

So, the only place where you may obtain any information about the old emigrants is in the Rosfjord Kirke. I was born in there myself. It is very beautiful in the summer. So, it is worth a trip if you have the time and money. As you may have found out by now, Norway is a very expensive place.

I am sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I know very little about the Olsen’s side of the family. But if and when I get back up north to the old birthplace, I shall try to find out something.

I do hope you have had some benefit from your study in Oslo and have managed to pick up some of our language.
Three yars ago, I had a very nice trip to my aunt Oleanna’s 94th birthday. I flew to Minneapolis and [went] by car with cousin Mable and Walter [?] to Langdon. I was very lucky. I met so many of my American cousins.

I wish you all the best for 1983 and a very merry Christmas.

Almar Ingebrigtsen