From: Ethel Hegler
To: Bill and Joyce Johnson
Date: 1981 June 20

Thank you so very much for your letter. It made me sad that one more of my dear friends are gone, but at my age (77) I have to expect that.

Your mother was such a dear friend for so many years (1922 in college). I was her only bride’s maid. She stayed with me at my sister’s house in Kelliher the night before her wedding. Ernie stayed in the one hotel. They were married in Dolgaard’s house (my first husband was Elmer Dolgaard). He was the best man. It was a fun time, even if it was a plain affair. I’m sure they had many happy years. I was happy having them both for my friends.

Last month I thought of Anne so many times. I meant to write her, but didn’t. Now, I’m going to Minnesota tomorrow. I tried to go by plane, but the strike stopped that. I’m taking a Grayhound [bus] for the first time. It will be different. We’re having a family reunion at Bemidji (Diamond Point) the 28th. It will be good to see all the old faces. Wish I could have come up to Thief River, but now I can’t.
Keep well and happy. Know that your mother is happy with Ernie again.

Thanks again for telling me.
Love and good wishes, Ethel (Hegler)