Joel Lipscomb

compiled by Cathrine C. Mann: 1953
Joel Lipscomb, the progenitor of this branch of the Lipscomb Family, was born ca. 1665 near Salisbury, Wiltshire County, England. Wiltshire County was a stronghold of Protestantism in Southwest England, and there was much opposition to the Roman Catholic King, James II, in that part of England.

When the Duke of Monmouth, son of Charles II, and who had been exiled to Holland, landed at Lime in Dorsetshire, England, and proclaimed himself King, he attracted many followers, one of whom was Joel Lipscomb.

The revolution thus started and ended with Monmouth's defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor, which took place 6 July 1685, and his execution at Tower Hill on 15 July 1685.

The followers of Monmouth were ruthlessly hunted down and executed. Joel Lipscomb made his escape to Ireland and eventually obtained passage to Virginia, landing at Jamestown in 1690 and later settled in Spottsylvania County.