Gårdene i Målselvdalen (The Farms in the Målselv Valley)

Translated by Marisa Benson and Inger Nilsson

Pages 61-62:

The first one who bought Seljehaug was John Johnsen Fosshaug; he had moved in from the south, but from where is not known. He had title to the property in 1838. John was not married when he lived at Seljehaug. This piece of Seljehaug was bought from the northern farm at Lerbekmo.

In 1850, Ole Ingebrigtsen bought this part of Seljehaug. He moved there from Oppdal and was married to Anne Andersen from Bukten, the sister of Kirsten Storjord and Ingeborg Nedremo. Their mother was from Helgeland, but their father was from Trøndelag. Ole Ingebrigtsen was a tailor and operated his trade together with his farming. They had many children and were not wealthy. The property was subsequently divided, and his son Ingebrigt took over one half and his daughter Marit took over the other part.

Marit was married to Oluf Hanssen from the Karlsø parish. They had two sons. Oluf was used to fishing and traveled a great deal to fish. He was a poor farmer and had neither desire or interest in farming, nor did he understand it. He kept too many animals and had too little forage for them, so he was forced to buy food for them in the spring. so, the capacity became too small for him to operate the farm. Nor did he manage to stay very long. The community bought the property from him to save it for retirement purposes, as Marit's parents were entitled to that.Oluf and Marit left the place and bought Nedremoen after Ingebrigt Olsen. This was the part that Oluf Hansen had.

Then Ole Johnson bought Seljehaug. He owns a profitable farm and also has his trade as a shoemaker. He now has grown-up children and manages well.

Ingebrigt, who kept the other part of Seljehaug that was called Vestgård (the West farm), was married to Petra who came from Tromsøsund. They had many children who gave their parents support after retirement. Ole Ingebrigtsen died in 1895, but Anne lived many years after him. Ingebrigt managed well and worked his way up after the children had grown up. The property was taken over by son Olav, but he sold part of the enterprise to his sister Inga, who is married to Alfred Larssen from Møllerhaug. Alfred had been many years in America, but came home and married Inga Ingebrigtsen. They now live in Seljehaug and are doing well.

Takholmbugt (Bugten) Page 125:

Ingebrigt Israelsen from Helgeland began clearing here in 1789.Apart from the houses necessary for living that were erected on the place where Ole Hansen now is living, he also built a sawmill in a brook on the property. As far as is known, Ingebrigt had only one heir, namely his daughter, Elen, who was married to Anders Christian Pedersen from Sørfjord in Malangen. The latter took over the place on condition that he should provide for his father-in-law.

However, Ingebrigt Israelsen left Bugten (the bay). He had a contract dated 4 July 1839 and left everything he owned to Ole Johnsen Fosmo, on condition that the latter or his heirs should provide him with what was necessary for life and care on Fosmo. The reason for this was cited: "Because I find myself in such fragile circumstances that I do not have the strength to be able to be in charge of my affairs." At the signing of the same contract, we cannot see that Anders Pedersen - the sole heir - has anything against this, when the care he was to have given him was thereby omitted.

Not until 1854 did the latter purchase the property from the state. As regards the forest, the seller reserved it for himself. The buyer was only allowed to "use" it. Later this condition was annulled. During the early days the residents suffered damage to their animals from bears and wolves.

Besides the previously named (1.) Ingebrigt who was married to Ingeborg Olsdatter from Soltenvik and (2.) Hans Anderson who married Randi from Oppdal, Anders Pedersen had the following children:

3. Eliseus: Drowned in the Tromsø harbor. He was married to Hanna Ingebrigtsdatter.
4. Anders Andersen, married to Maren Johnsdatter from Os in Østerdalen. He died at 91 years old.
5. Peder Andersen. Moved to Sørfjord.
6. Israel Andersen. Died unmarried.
7. Anne Andersdatter, married Ole O. Seljehaug.
8. Karsten Andersen. Lived in Målsnesodden.
9. Kirsten Andersdatter, married to Henrik Bersvendsen. Storjord.
10. Andreas Andersen, married to Karen from Rosfjord, where they lived.

Besides the farming, the residents have all the time been fishing, particularly in Finnmarka. In the summertime, they have pursued an extensive cargo traffic, carrying firewood in "komser" (a small vessel) to Tromsø and other places along the coast.

For many years, Ingebrigt andersen was the supervisor for the poor in his area. Apart from the forest land, owned by the state, within the original boundaries of Takholmbugt (Takholm Bay), and a small island, part of which is owned by Sheriff M. Walderhaug, there are now six lease holders:

1. Monrad Larsen (Nygård)
2. Ole Hansen (Bugten)
3. Ingvard Hansen (Bugten)
4. Sigurd Hansen (Fløystad)
5. Magnus Larsen (Nes)
6. Alfred Mikkelsen (Berg)

It is remarkable that, in spite of the fact that there are now six occupants, all of these are descendants of the first man who cleared the land, Ingebrigt Israelsen, great great grandfather of the current farmers.