Source: (do not have title of book; however, it is a book on the history of the farms in the Tingvoll area, pp. 423-425)

Farm nr 86, lease 3

The oldest house in Troa stood below the mountain, further down than now. It was Anders Olson who built the house that is there now in 1909. The outhouse was built two years earlier.

Lars Arntson Sagli is the first man we know for sure was the first husmann (tenant farmer with life tenure) in Troa. He had his lease (byksel) of the place in 1792. Lars got married in 1793 with Gura Jakobsdatter Sagli. They took over the farm Sagli, where there is done closer information for the family and their descendants (i.e., more information can be found under the Sagli farm than in this section on Troa).

Lars Einarson Ormset got the lease for the place on 16 April 1811. Lars was born in 1775 on Ormset and in 1811 married Ane Bardsdatter Gagnat, who was 22 years older than her husband. Children they had none. Ane Bardsdatter died in 1852 (she must have been 99 years old).

In the skiftetaksten (official valuation of the property of a decedent estate) after (the death?) of Gjertrud Ellingsdatter Ormset in 1837, the place was given a value of 20 speciedaler. One cow and six sheep were then counted as the animals here.

Einar Olson Ormset became the farmer of the place after Lars, but no legal document is registered at the ting. Einar was born in 1806 and in 1828 married Ildrid Olsdatter Meisalviken, born 1794. They had two children:

It was Einar who started cultivating most of what is grown in Troa, it is said. He died in 1899, 93 years old.

Ola Einarson bought the place by the water from Ils Jensson in Utistua (the cottage out there) on Ormset and got the deed 6 October 1856. The price was 135 speciedaler, but there was added a little more land than had belonged to the place. Ola Einarson and Maren Olsdatter had these children:

In 1875, the animals at Ormsettroa were 4 cows and 3 sheep. Sown was 1/2 bushel barley, 1 1/2 t. (?) oats and 1 1/2 t. (?) potatoes.

Ola Einarson died in 1919.

Anders Olson got the deed 5 February, 1909. His parents received a kar (pension in the form of subsistence paid by a new owner of an estate, farm to former owner, especially son to father) of 2 t. oats, 2 t. potatoes, 1 sack of sifted flour, 6 kilos of butter, 4 yards of vadmal (thick material for clothes), 1 liter of milk daily, 20 kroner in cash and fodder for two sheep. It was Anders who built the houses that are now on the farm. Anders and his wife were without children and in 1947 Anders deeded over the homestead to his sister's grandson Jakob Ingvaldson Ormsettroa, who moved into the farm and took over the same year. The same year, Anders Olson also died. His widow, Randi Mikalsdatter, died 1963.

Jakob Ingvaldson is born 1925 and is married to Karen Sivertsdatter Gussias, born 1929. They have two children:

Jakob does a lot of fishing (as well as?) farming. Of the innmarken (fenced, cultivated plot of land near the farmhouse) as much as can be used is used/cultivated. The used land is 11 mal (0.247 acres) and the animals lately have been one cow and some sheep. To the farm belongs 50 mal forestland.