Lipscomb Family Manuscripts:

A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Joel Lipscomb who Immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia from England in 1690

By Robert Neville Mann and Cathrine Cleek Mann; New York City, New York: 1953


The Lipscomb Family Manuscripts are based on records compiled by Lafar Lipscomb of Gaffney, South Carolina, about 1860, and those of Dr. Thomas Lipscomb of Shelbyville, Tennessee, dated 22 October 1877. These individuals were primarily concerned with collecting information on their direct family line leading to the original immigrant, Joel Lipscomb. The compilers of this manuscript, one of whom is a direct descendant of Joel Lipscomb, have made every effort to document this family history and add additional information wherever possible. The authors feel much can be added, and therefore would appreciate any additions or corrections, however minor, since it is their hope to publish these and related manuscripts at a later date.

Information is now being compiled on the following families: Camp, Daniel, Holt, McEntire, Williamson of Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama; Claiborne, Cooke, Harris, Mann, Miller, Roberson, Shelton, Turner, Woods of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee; Boyer, Campbell, Carlile, Cleek, Gwin, Lightner, Ritenour, Warwick, and other allied families of Pennsylvania and Virginia. The authors plan to issue similar manuscripts on these families.

All material contained herein is documented either by generally accepted published material, family records, or information obtained by original research, with the exception of the data relating to the immigrant, Joel Lipscomb. This data is based on "family tradition" for the most part; however, a number of genealogists and publications have recorded this information as given therein.

The authors are deeply indebted to Mrs. Claude Duval Smith, Sr., who furnished the basic information regarding the Lipscomb family. Also the following individuals have been of great assistance: Mr. Horace Newton Mann, Mrs. Hugh E. Hannah, Mrs. Samuel Jones, Miss Mary Elizabeth Cole, Mrs. Henry W. Bonner, Mrs. Wiley J. Porter, Mrs. Joseph C. Cooper, Mrs. Otice H. Brown, Mrs. Richard E. Callender, Miss Jessie E. Turner, as well as the numerous descendants who have furnished information regarding their immediate families.

December 14, 1953


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